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Natural Psychic Reader & Energy Worker

Teresa is a natural psychic reader and energy worker. She gives Psychic Readings at her Chicago location by phone and her Minneapolis location where she does one on one or phone readings

While Teresa is a third generation Psychic and spiritual intercessor. She gives advice on all matters, but Love and Relationships are her special interest. She has been helping people find lives of Love, Success, Peace, and Happiness for more than 30years

With Positive Energy

As a result It’s her goal to make sure her gift is a positive force in this world.  Therefore She believes that along with her special ability, comes accountability and the obligation to do her very best for all who seek her help. That’s why she has dedicated her life to helping others with her psychic gift, however

Teresa never imposes her personal spiritual beliefs on others but she has a strong faith in God and considers her special ability a gift from the divine. Therefore Teresa does not work with voodoo, black magic, Santeria or any other dark form of energy work.

With Teresa you will get caring, reliable and confidential advice and specific direction to your best possible future.

You can see her at her Minneapolis location or have your reading over the Phone.

A Note from Teresa You were born entitled to Peace, Happiness and Love. These are part of your Birthright from our creator. I look forward to helping you claim that Birthright.

Sincerely Jennifer.

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