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Teresa was mentor by her Mother, and Grandmother, both powerful psychics themselves. Through their tutelage, she learned how to focus her psychic energy and how to protect herself and others from outside negative forces. They impressed upon her the importance of being responsible for her gift and its use. Teresa now helps others to understand and apply their special psychic gifts.

Special Interest: She gives advice on all matters, but she has a special concern for relationships because she has noticed that it’s our relationships with others, (especially our love relationships) that can cause us the most Joy, or pain.

Mission: Teresa feels she is accountable for her gift and its application. She wants her psychic guidance and energy work to be a healing force in the world and to be a positive energy in the lives of the people who turn to her for help.

Abilities: Being both clairvoyant and empathically psychic she can see as well as feel ( sense ) the events of your life – past, present and future.

Available Services when ever you want : Teresa offers a wide range of readings and services. Available readings include psychic reading, Tarot card readings, Palmistry, Soulmate readings astrology charts.  She also offers help to those who need energy clearing, soulmate uniting and chakra balancing

A Psychic Reading with Teresa will give you understanding for what has past, strength for the present and direction for the future.

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